It’s finally here!  The Official Opening of our brand new Meerkat Exhibit:   Monday morning at 11:30 on the new Exotic Animals Boardwalk.

We’re so excited to welcome these adorable young meerkats: Dobby, Ron, Niffler and Moody.

They’ll win your hearts as they scamper around, digging for bugs, exploring their hollow logs, scrambling up onto rocks– stopping every few minutes to check their surroundings for predators, as meerkats do!

Continuing every morning from now on, there will be a ranger talk/feeding show at the meerkat enclosure at 11:30, just before the big croc feed. You’ll learn heaps about these enchanting little members of the mongoose family as they munch on their mealworms and veggies.

Do join us and meet our new arrivals:  We’re sure you’ll agree: they are totally irresistible!