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Australia’s Best Interactive Wildlife Experiences! Rated as one of the best things to do in Townsville, get up close and personal with your favourite Australian animals. Guaranteed good times on the WILD SIDE of Townsville!

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Crocodile Feeding daily


Hold a Koala Townsville


Hand-Feeding Kangaroos


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Join us at Yala’s enclosure

Interactive Wildlife Shows, Feeding & Handling

We are proud to offer Australia’s best interactive wildlife experience! Accredited by the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia, Billabong Sanctuary has a proven commitment to positive animal welfare.

Billabong Sanctuary Rangers are passionate about our amazing native wildlife, and they want to share that passion with you.
Our parks host interpretive talks throughout the day which highlight the unique features of our native animals and their special place in nature. Many also offer an opportunity for YOU to get up close to these awesome creatures!

Rated by Australian Traveller as one of the Top Things to do In Townsville

Open Every Day from 9am to 4 pm (Closed Christmas Day)


Free-of-charge experience

Immerse yourself in a magical encounter with a koala and seize the chance to snap a selfie! Witness our dedicated rangers as they feed these adorable creatures with fresh gum leaves from our very own eucalyptus plantation. The photo opportunities are simply unbeatable as the koalas playfully explore their perches, savoring their beloved tender green tips. Don't miss this extraordinary experience!

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Free-of-charge experience

Here at Billabong Sanctuary we have several of these gentle animals in Kangaroo Corral. Grab a bagful of feed from the Shop, come on in, and you could soon have a friendly roo eating out of your hand. If you are lucky, a baby joey might peek out of mama’s pouch for a nibble as well.

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Free-of-charge experience

The magnificent cassowary is the third largest bird in the world and is a keystone species in maintaining the health of tropical rainforests. There are thought to be fewer than 4000 left in the wild! Join this talk and learn why they are so important, and what we can do to help them. We’ll even invite you to hand feed a piece of fruit to Hope or Troppo!

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Meerkat ranger talk and feeding at the meerkat enclosure at 11:30. You’ll learn about these enchanting little members of the mongoose family as they munch on their mealworms and veggies. We’re sure you’ll agree: they are totally irresistible!

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Free-of-charge experience

Watch out bird show as Yasi the black kite puts on an amazing display of aerial acrobatics.The show ends with an opportunity to interact with more of our feathered friends: Waru, our young red-tailed black cockatoo or maybe a cheeky lorikeet. This is also your chance to have a hold for some delightful photos.

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Free-of-charge experience

Get ready for an unforgettable experience - the opportunity to hold an adorable baby crocodile! Capture the moment with a selfie or let your friends and family take pictures, and the best part? It's free of charge! Embrace this thrilling encounter and create lasting memories with these captivating reptiles.

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Free-of-charge experience

Embrace the thrill of holding a gentle python in your hands. Capture the unforgettable moment with selfies or have your loved ones take pictures. Enjoy this unique opportunity to interact with these fascinating creatures and create cherished memories with your new scaly friend. This experience is included with your entry. 

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Free-of-charge experience

You get the chance to hold a blue tongued lizard. Blue-tongued lizards are a fascinating group of reptiles belonging to the skink family. As the name suggests, they are characterised by their distinctive blue tongue. With their striking appearance and unique behaviors, blue-tongued lizards are a crowd favourite.

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Free-of-charge experience

Indulge in a heartwarming experience of feeding the delightful whistling ducks. Visit our Shop and get a bag of seeds that the kids will absolutely adore sharing with these feathered friends. Watch the joy on their faces as they interact with the ducks, creating precious memories that will last a lifetime.

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Free-of-charge experience

We invite you to join us at the edge of the billabong to feed fish skins to our voracious Krefft’s turtles! They just can’t get enough. But watch out for the long-finned eels, as they churn up the water trying to grab their share. This is fun for kids of all ages and not one to miss.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Everytime we have visited the Billabong we’ve had such a great time! It’s easily accessible making it inclusive of everyone young or old. There’s plenty of animal interactions during the day, with the awesome knowledgeable staff presenting excellent shows you can tell they are passionate about their animals. “

Dani C

“Absolutely loved the bird show, was the best, my favourite part of the whole day. Also saw some other beautiful wildlife, a gorgeous tree kangaroo and a dingo, emus, koalas and the biggest captive crocodile in Queensland and beautiful black Cockatoos which are my absolute favourite birds”

Jasper S

“Highly recommend this place for everyone of all ages! Wish we could have stayed longer. Staff very friendly, helpful, & knowledgeable. Animals well cared for & some interactive with people. Enjoyed our time there!”

Sandi – USA

“LOVE LOVE LOVE Billabong Sanctuary… the people and the animals! The best place to take the family and friends to make a big day of it. One of my fav places to photograph.”

Donna / Townsville

“Had a great time. Loved all the animals especially the croc feeding and patting the gorgeous dingo. All the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Amenities clean. Scones delicious. They have fantastic picnic areas including BBQ and a pool. Would highly recommend.”


“The sanctuary has koalas, kangaroos, dingos, and a large assortment of reptiles and birds. We shared a photo with a koala, fed a kangaroo from our hand, and petted a dingo. This is a great place to visit for those of us who don’t live near such animals.”