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Bob And Del


Bob and Del built Billabong Sanctuary from the ground up, starting from a bare paddock and developing the park into an award-winning eco-tourism attraction [more info here].

Through the years they’ve both remained actively involved in all aspects of the operation of their family-owned business, from frying chips to feeding crocs.

Bob is General Manager, overseeing staffing, infrastructure and legislative requirements, and now and then he still finds time to help feed a hungry croc.

These days Del enjoys well-earned retirement behind the scenes, but is still very much involved in decision making, and encouraging and supporting the work of the whole team.


Our Rangers are an incredibly talented mob, ferociously dedicated to wildlife conservation. They come from diverse backgrounds, but all are passionate about working in their ‘dream job’ caring for our native wildlife and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Everyone has a hand in the day-to-day care of the park: raking paths, cleaning enclosures, preparing special food for each animal, conducting tours, and presenting the daily shows. In addition, all have extra responsibilities according to their special interests and talents.


Ray started his zookeeping career as a volunteer at the former Cairns Wildlife Safari, where he soon found himself caring for the big cats, hand-feeding cheetahs, tigers and lions. His love affair with these magnificent creatures continued at ZooDoo in Tasmania. Initially employed there as Senior Keeper, Ray was soon promoted to Park Manager.

As Curator here at Billabong Sanctuary, Ray is responsible for the overall management of our entire collection of native animals, ensuring they are given the best possible care in accordance with industry standards. He coordinates all the licenses, permits, welfare accreditation and new species acquisitions.


As the Senior Ranger, Alex oversees all departments and staff training, but observers will usually see her busily looking after the reptiles throughout the day.

Alex has a love of reptiles and is team leader of the reptile department, but also has a fondness for birds and cherishes the special relationships formed with them, particularly with Ritchie the macaw and Busta the galah.


Ash  is team leader  of the mammal department and possesses a fervent enthusiasm for creatures both furry and scaly.

She thoroughly enjoys working with the diverse array of mammals, attending to the feeding of crocodiles, and enlightening visitors about the amazing  fauna here at Billabong Sanctuary. 


While  Nick  possesses an unwavering passion for reptile species as a whole, his area of expertise lies particularly in venomous animals, a subject he extensively researched while completing a PhD on venomous snakes at the University of Queensland.

To further broaden his knowledge of reptiles, Nick is deepening his understanding of crocodiles. Billabong Sanctuary provides an ideal setting to observe these remarkable creatures within a secure environment, and allows him  to share  his knowledge with  the public.


Lachlan is a dedicated member of the birds team at Billabong, responsible for working with a diverse assortment of stunning avian species, from small lorikeets to massive cassowaries.

Lachlan’s primary objective  is to ensure the provision of exceptional care for his feathered friends while simultaneously enlightening visitors about the remarkable nature of these creatures. By fostering awareness and understanding, he aims to cultivate admiration for these magnificent birds for years to come.


Maddie  joined us as a volunteer back in 2020, and donned the khaki shirt as a full-time ranger shortly afterwards.

Maddie worked mainly with mammals to start with but was soon presenting all wildlife shows and moved on to feeding crocodiles, including Krakatoa! In her trademark pink boots, she was popular with kids at birthday parties and Roving Rangers.

Maddie took time off to have her own kid (A baby boy–Congratulations!) but has now returned to work full-time, presenting shows and caring for our native wildlife.


Sheila is a local resident living at nearby Alligator Creek with an abundance of wildlife visiting her backyard. Billabong Sanctuary has been most fortunate to benefit from Sheila’s passion for Australian wildlife as she is our longest serving staff member, although in a volunteer  capacity. She initiated and manages the Facebook page, keeps the website updated and responds to online enquiries.

Sheila loves Billabong’s philosophy of introducing local children to Aussie animals and providing international visitors an introduction to Australia’s unique fauna – where to see them in the wild and contribute to their conservation.



Team leader Mellee and her co-workers comprise our hard-working front-of-house team. They answer the phones and welcome visitors with a friendly smile and tips on making the most of their day.

From Blinky Bill’s Café they serve a tempting array of snacks and meals to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. The team will also fire up the barbecue to cater for tour groups, parties and school excursions.

Mellee keeps the Gift Shop stocked with a variety of wildlife-themed souvenirs and gifts for the folks back home and also coordinates bookings for school groups.

Overall, her team  complements the work of the Rangers to ensure everyone who comes through the door enjoys the best possible time in our native wildlife sanctuary.

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