Job site awareness, venomous snake identification, endangered species

Billabong Sanctuary Rangers are experts in native wildlife.

They can visit your workplace or job site for training sessions in:

  • awareness of endangered species
  • awareness and identification of venomous and non venomous snakes
  • safety inductions for new job sites:
  • How to identify potentially hazardous animals and work safely in their environment. (Snakes, crocodiles, spiders, insects)
  • first aid for snake bite

Animals are not brought to the training site.

So why not bring your group out to Billabong Sanctuary where you can see so much local wildlife up close, including venomous snakes in our specially-designed snake pit.

Our modern function centre Melaleuca on Billabong makes an ideal classroom, free of the distractions of the workplace.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements. We would be happy to tailor a course to your specific needs.

Call 4778 8344 or email us