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Open from 9 am till 4 pm every day

Closed Christmas Day


At Billabong Sanctuary, our Rangers are passionate about our amazing native wildlife, and they want to share that passion with you.

We have adapted our schedule of shows and interactions to conform to social distancing requirements. 

We continue  to offer Australia’s best interactive wildlife experience. Interpretive shows throughout the day showcase Australia’s unique animals:

  • Cassowaries
  • Koalas
  • Wombats
  • Crocodiles
  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Parrots
  • Birds of Prey
  • Dingoes
  • Turtles


We want you to get up close to these awesome creatures, and to appreciate their special place in nature, but we also want you to have fun! Feed the  kangaroos and ducks, cuddle a koala**, tickle a wombat, smile at a crocodile. It’s all about putting YOU in the picture. Get as close as you want, or just sit back and enjoy the show!


Alex Mallee Feeding 3

This is the time of day when our koalas are most active, as Rangers feed them fresh gum leaves from our own eucalyptus plantation.  Great photo opportunities as they clamber around their perches selecting their favourite tender green tips.

Have you met Pebbles? During the current mating season she is visiting us  from Bungalow Bay  Koala Village on Magnetic Island.

9:30 AM - cassowary FEEDING

Hope 7c

The magnificent cassowary is the 3rd largest bird in the world, and is a keystone species in maintaining the health of tropical rainforests.

There may be fewer than 4000 left in the wild! Learn why they are so important, and what we can do to help them.

We even invite you to hand feed some grapes to Hope!

9:45 AM - wombat experience

Yala 2cThe wombat is the largest burrowing mammal in the world!
Join us at Yala’s enclosure, to learn why they live underground. Do you know the three types of wombat in Australia?
Watch Yala have fun with his enrichment ball or his tunnel. Rangers may even bring him out for a pat– feel his soft fur!

10:05 am - 10:30 am - Koala experience

Pose With Koala

Rangers will give a brief talk about the unique features of this adorable marsupial. Do you know why they sleep for 20 hours a day?

Then we will open up Koala Crescent, the home of Maze, one of our youngest koalas.

Come on in and get up close for a selfie – free of charge!

(Sorry, no pats allowed)


Henry Family From Brisbane Bella 2 Ok 2

Join us at the Main Show Area for your souvenir photo with a koala, a wombat and/or  a reptile (lizard , python or juvenile crocodile).

Yes! You can hold a koala, or stand beside it and give it a pat for a pole photo.

Included in the price you’ll receive a print in a colourful folder, as well as a code for digital copies to share. 

11 am - Dingo walkabout

Mick Allira 2c

One of our Rangers will stroll down from the dingo enclosure  to the edge of the billabong with our lovely  dingo, stopping to greet families for a chat and a photo opportunity.

Meet Allira, give her pat, and learn more about this misunderstood native animal.

11 am - reptile experience

Amelia Boss Ok CRangers will introduce a lizard, a python and a juvenile crocodile or alligator , and give a brief about what makes these reptiles so special.

Then it’s time to have some fun:  You can hold a friendly lizard,  pose with a python and even cradle a baby crocodile!  You are welcome to take selfies or have your friends or family take photos, all free of charge.

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12:00 NOON - CROCODILE Feeding

Alex Krakatoa 4x3 C
Ray Riley 2

The most exciting show of the day—a powerful saltwater croc explodes out of the water to snatch food from our Rangers!

On weekends, the show starts at the Jawbridge over Krakatoa’s lagoon. At a massive 5.1 metres in length, he is the largest estuarine croc on mainland Queensland. Awesome!

On weekdays we give the big fella a break,  and  feed some of our other enormous estuarine crocodiles. Meet your Rangers in front of Snappy Tom’s enclosure, and they will guide you to the first location. North Queensland is croc country. Learn how to stay safe while you enjoy our magnificent waterways.

We’ll also visit Australia’s endemic species– the freshwater crocodiles. These frisky little snappers jump clear off the ground to grab their lunch.

YOU could even join the fun- grab  a ticket at Reception: For just $10 you can have the thrill of pole-feeding a freshie! Awesome!


Jess Roxy 2ps

Roxy the barking owl swoops over your head. Listen for his distinctive Woop-woop call!  Yasi the black kite puts on an amazing display of aerial acrobatics.  Freeze the bush stone-curlew trots  around the show area, snatching up bits of food. Have you heard the curlew’s eerie night-time cry?

The show ends with your opportunity to interact with some feathered friends. Rangers will bring out Waru, our young red-tailed black cockatoo or maybe a cheeky lorikeet. Your chance to have a hold for some delightful photo opportunities.


Turtle Feed Ok

Once again, we invite you to join us  at the edge of the billabong to feed fish skins to our voracious Krefft’s turtles!

Watch out for the long-finned eels, as they churn up the water trying to grab their share.

Fun for kids of all ages!

1:45 pm - dingo experience


Join our rangers outside the dingo enclosure .

They will bring out our friendly dingo, Allira, answer your questions and give you the opportunity for a selfie.

Everyone loves to pat her soft fur!


Two Kids Croc Ok From Gramma

In shortened versions of the regular morning shows, rangers discuss some of the amazing features of these Australian icons, with the opportunity for some personal interaction–

Take a selfie with a  koala, watch a wombat playing with his soccer ball, hold some scaly critters: a lizard, a python or even a baby crocodile!

2:45 pm - soUVENIR PHOTOS **

Family Maluka Ok

 Join us at the Main Show Area to purchase your souvenir photo with a koala, a wombat and/or  a reptile (lizard , python or juvenile crocodile).

Yes! You can hold a koala, or stand beside it and give it a pat for a pole photo.

Included in the price you’ll receive a print in a colourful folder, as well as a code for digital copies to share. 

3:15 pm - crocodile feeding

Madonna 1

Once again, rangers coax our mighty estuarine crocs out of the water in an awesome display of speed and power.

North Queensland is croc country!  Learn how to stay safe while you enjoy our magnificent waterways.


Thanks for coming.
Hope you had an awesome day!




** Optional Souvenir Photo for a small extra charge.


For the koalas’ safety, as well as that of our visitors, we are required to restrict koala handling to children over 1.4 metres in height (4 1/2 feet). A board is posted by the photo area for reference.

Children who do not meet this requirement are still welcome to join Mum and Dad or big brother and sister for a family photo.

Over in Koala Crescent, another of our friendly koalas sitting on a branch will happily pose  while you take a selfie or while  your friends or family take your photo.