Branching Out!  Luka spends her days in Koala Kindy!

Luka In Leaves

At 10 months of age, it’s time for Luka to start learning how to be a grown-up koala, independent from her mum, Ruby.

Although they still share an enclosure, Ruby has started to become a bit irritated when Luka wants to nurse.

So every morning Rangers gently remove Luka from their shared enclosure and guide her onto the perching in Koala Kindy, right beside our other koalas. She happily settles in to munch on her very own fresh gum leaves. No more sharing with mum — in fact, she’s already over 2 kg in weight!

For the next couple of weeks, Luka will be returned to mum in the afternoon so they can spend the night together. Eventually she will be on her own permanently, and become one of our handling koalas for those memorable souvenir photos!

Claire Removing Luka