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‘Thank you for providing such an amazing experience for our guests!’




I visited Billabong Sanctuary in Townsville recently (beginning of June 2017). It was my second visit over the past 7 years and on both occasions I had a great time and looking forward to visit it again, when I am in the area.
It is fantastic place and I highly recommend it. It is deceptively small, but a full day is barely enough to watch all shows and talks, have a chat with the keepers, enjoy walk through the sanctuary and watch the animals, have your lunch/ice cream/tea-coffee at the cafe and browse through their souvenir shop. They also have an information kiosk there as well, with friendly and knowledgeable locals to help you with any local area information you might need.
At the entrance there was sun-screen and mosquito repellent available and free of charge. I think it is very thoughtful and generous.
Once you are inside you are greeted by hordes of whistling ducks demanding food. They live to prove their name and you can hear their whistles anywhere in the Sanctuary. They even fearlessly barge in the middle of show with birds of pray obviously finding their safety in numbers ?
The Sanctuary has plenty of Australian native animals and birds. The day is full with very informative and interesting presentations, so there are just about 15-20min between show times. The Sanctuary has that natural feeling as if you are walking in the national park, surrounded by wildlife. It is obvious that keepers and volunteers love animals and enjoy working with them and share their knowledge with visitors. Billabong Sanctuary is the only place in Australia where I could hold a small freshwater crocodile, olive(rainbow) python and blue-tong lizard free of charge and have photos taken with my camera.
It was unforgettable experience! It was not a hot day for tropics and baby crocodile and python were really pleased to be held in warm hands. Baby crocodile started practically purring, like a cat, especially when I gently scratched his throat – I was told by the keeper that it was baby crocodile talk. It was very unusual sensation when python’s tongue was tickling my hands and throat (it was young, friendly and inquisitive python, trying to wind himself around me to have a maximum contact with something warmer). The experiences I will never forget ?
(They have a professional photographer there as well and you can have photos taken with you holding more animals including koala, wombat, carper python and others and photos would be made into souvenir looking item).
Crocodile feeding shows are a must see. For additional charge you can even feed freshwater crocodiles yourself!
The Sanctuary located about 17km from Townsville (about 20min drive), but they also have a hotel pick-up/drop service for small extra charge.
All in all I highly recommend the Billabong Sanctuary for everyone. Australians and overseas visitors, families and lone travelers – they all find it an excellent place to spend a day with many memories to take home.

Visited June 2017



Steve Parish

Hi Bob,
Just a note to say how very pleased I was to run one of my weekend programs on your property,

Billabong Sanctuary, organized, promoted and planned by Julie Funnell. I have worked on the properties of most of Australia’s zoos and fauna parks and what struck me most was the camaraderie between staff and the sense that there was no negative politics at play, usually sensed through staff unease. Your people are a joy to work with and are obviously enjoying and committed to their work. The support for photography and especially the quality and inventiveness of the food was outstanding. All of my participants commented continually how they, as Townsville residents, had no idea of the level of photo opportunity herein their own backyard.

You should be congratulated for having built the park and maintained its functionality for so many years. We are already planning expanding the offering of programs for 2016.

Thanks again for your support,
Steve Parish




Loved it. Perfect way to meet your Aussie animals


Super animals and informative Staff


It’s amazing! I love this park! It’s the most beautiful thing I have seen in Australia in 3 months!


Amazing time cuddling your koala. Go Australia!

New Zealand

Great. I come here every time I’m in Townsville

Czech Republic

It was the best day ever! Thank you so much


Great Day! Awesome fun, wonderful shows and animals. Thank you


Amazing! We’ve seen more animals here than in the last 3 months of our trip.


Amazing. Many thanks for a wonderful day!


Thank you for all your efforts and patience taking car of all these animals. Very thankful for unforgettable moments and experiences. Amazing


Brilliant day out; loved the interaction and shows as well as the knowledge from the guides. The snakes are ace! Top place. Keep it up! Loved feeding the kangaroos


Great! Loved holding the croc


Awesome. Kids and parents loved it. Good photos of koalas to take home with


Great Sanctuary. Fantastic staff, demonstrations, layout—Love the itinerary too!



From Poland

I held a koala 6 years ago. That was the highlight of my journey to Australia:) thank you!

Other comments

I loved your facility and all the animals!!! I am very fond of TONKA the Wombat,and both my facebook pictures are of me at your facility!!!!”

We have the best photos and it was the 31 May ’13,. we came, saw n conquered!! I initially had a fear of the Roo’s (?) but soon enough I fed one!! Loved holding the baby croc and having a gorgeous PYTHON (!!!) wrapped around me!! So I haven’t a fear of ANY animals now. Thank you for all the hard work you all put into the sanctuary and will post our pix soon! Rating: 10/10 ?

Came all the way from England to the sanctuary a couple of years ago and loved it. I am returning to Aus in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to visit it again, this time with my baby daughter. So excited !

Me and my girl had an awesome day with you today and all the animals! My girlfriend saw her FIRST croc’s in 35 years living in Oz. . . It was a thrill for her! Thanks for the memories Billabong Sanctuary! Will be back for sure. . .

Hi Billabong, from your newest likers! Our Vacation Care Group absolutely LOVE coming to visit each school holidays! Thank you for providing such an awesome experience! Cheers from Ingham ?