Welcome to the Kangaroo Corral!

Kaylie Ok 2 Sm C

Would you like to get up close to a whole mob of friendly roos? Check out the Kangaroo Corral!

We recently mustered up our grey kangaroo mums with their joeys and turned them loose in the new walk-in Kangaroo Corral, opposite the dingoes.  Once they settled in we brought in some more young greys from another wildlife park.  Two beautiful young red kangaroos have now joined them: Meet Rusty and Red!

New Reds 1 Ps 2

The new corral makes it easier for us to monitor the well-being of our beautiful roos. It also means you don’t have to seek them out during the day when they are wandering around the park.

Just  grab a bag of pellets from the Shop, and hop in for some quality time with these gentle macropods. Stay as long as you like.  The kids love patting and feeding them—great photo opportunities!

Big Red Bo And Georgie 2